Jennifer Honored in City of Evanston's Volunteer Spotlight

Having served in leadership roles in the non-profit community since 1994, I strongly believe in creating a positive and energetic atmosphere within a team – an atmosphere which fosters open dialogue and allows each person’s voice to be heard and respected. I have always put a high premium on cultivating positive relationships, whether with clients, patrons, Board members, or fellow staff. I truly enjoy building productive teams and creating opportunities for mentorship. While I am very comfortable keeping a team on task, I also believe in welcoming laughter into the workplace and encouraging an environment that inspires fun and camaraderie.

I approach a project with creativity, enthusiasm and whole-hearted dedication. I take responsibilities seriously, have a vigorous work ethic, am extremely detail oriented, and will do all that is necessary to get the job done well. While I am well versed in delegation of tasks, I lead by example and have no qualms about jumping into the trenches on a project to work side by side with a team.

I come from an artistic family, have a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre, and am a visual artist as well as an administrator. I therefore have always had a healthy respect for and understanding of the creative as well as the administrative side of a project. Working in the arts community, this balance has served me well in hearing and being sensitive to all sides of an issue, from the point of view of the artist to the point of view of the Board member.

I am a skilled negotiator and have had the opportunity of smoothly mediating many a conflict to happy resolution. I strongly believe in the value of continually experimenting with new approaches and in the necessity of honestly evaluating those experiments so as to learn from mistakes as well as successes.