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“Jennifer Sultz is a multi-talented, brilliant, and highly capable woman...She has always been enterprising and a highly conscientious worker, often putting in time with a ‘whatever it takes’ attitude to get the job done. Jennifer was dedicated to fulfilling her duties with cheerfulness, patience and grace. It would be difficult to fully elaborate on her many contributions or to adequately praise the work that she so effectively and tirelessly performed.”

Joyce Piven, Co-Founder & Artistic Director Emeritus, Piven Theatre Workshop


"Jen's guidance was instrumental in helping our organization to pull off our most successful fund-raiser to date. Jen has a keen sense of all of the moving parts that must come together to create a successful event: She is attuned to the sophisticated tastes of the philanthropic community, to the reflection of the passions and missions of a non-for-profit organization and to the many, many details that must come together to ultimately realize a fund-raising goal. Jen does all of this with a gentle, fun-loving, inclusive style that makes her truly a pleasure to work with."

Ann McCartney, Event Chair/Board Member, A Red Orchid Theatre


“I have worked closely with Jennifer during her full tenure at Piven Theatre and I recommend her highly. She is extremely intelligent, has an excellent work ethic, and is a joy to be around...She single handedly coordinated all of Piven’s special events including opening nights, film premieres, donor cultivation events, and the annual Gala. Her last Gala with Piven surpassed all expectations and became the highest grossing event in Piven’s history...Throughout all of these many projects, Jennifer’s calm demeanor allowed her to meet all challenges with grace and ease...She has a wonderful and warm personality and she puts a premium on making people feel appreciated and respected...She is an excellent leader consistently going above and beyond to bring her expertise, enthusiasm, and personal integrity to every task small or large.

Jennifer Green, Artistic Director, Piven Theatre Workshop


“It is a rarity to work with someone who is both highly creative and highly organized and administratively proficient. Jennifer is this unusual person. She is consistently dependable, has many valuable skills and talents, is a pleasure to work with, and gives her all to whatever she commits to...Jennifer has a very friendly and welcoming presence. Her working relationships are geared towards moving forward with a positive and productive spirit...She always seems to manage to serve as a neutral and understanding negotiator, sympathetic to everyone’s point of view and focused on coming to a common understanding.”

Maya Friedler, President, Women’s Media Group, Inc. & Honorary Board Member, Piven Theatre Workshop


“I don’t think anyone on the (Evanston150 Community Kick Off) Rally planning committee realized at that time what a huge undertaking it was going to be to coordinate four musical acts, an emcee and a long list of guest speakers during a 120 minute-long live event at the Levy Senior Center. Fortunately we were in the hands of a highly experienced event planner...The results were a seamlessly smooth, highly professional event that attracted over 700 community members...in addition to Jennifer’s communication, organization, problem-solving skills and good judgment, she has all the important traits I look for in a colleague. She is creative, cooperative, kind and reliable.”

Stephanie Kulke, Project Director, Evanston150 & President of Kick Start Marketing Chicago


“Yes, Jen is everything you want in an event coordinator–she is knowledgeable, professional and incredibly organized. But producing an event can be highly stressful for those involved. What sets Jen apart from other coordinators is her exceptional calmness and amazing problem solving skills. I never doubted our gala would be a success with Jen guiding us through!”

Harlene Ellin, Former Board President, Chicago Improv Festival Productions


"Jennifer Sultz is an exceptional collaborator who brings both mind and heart to her leadership style. Intelligent, creative, and fearless, she attacks projects with tenacity and works passionately to bring visions and dreams to artful fruition."

Scott Shallenbarger, Former Literary Manager and Actor/Director with Piven Theatre 


Oh, what a joy it is to work with Jen Sultz!  Jen's vision, collaborative spirit, and attentiveness make her that rare master of both the part and the whole. Her inimitable sense of humor and capacity for empathy bless every production she touches. As Production Manager on ROSA LUBLIN, Jen was key in keeping us on task through the dual challenge of our ambitious project and the grave illness of one of our beloved artistic directors.  She is a rare one.”

Robin Chaplik, Adaptor/Director, ROSA LUBLIN (2002 Equity Jeff Winner for Best New Adaptation) 


“Her ability to plan, delegate, predict, troubleshoot and communicate was inspiring as she created a memorable spectacle that drew a crowd of over 700 community members. Jen's dedication to the organization has been unparalleled. From that event onward, Jen has been an integral part of the Evanston 150 program. She opened up doors for communication between volunteers and organizations to reach a level of community engagement unseen in Evanston. Jen consistently pushes for improvements, leading her to incorporate her analytical skills to collect and organize data pertaining to new ideas..Jen has simply been invaluable to the complete operation of Evanston 150 and continues to be the driving force behind its success in the community…Jen is talented, kind, cooperative and reliable. In every way, she exemplifies Volunteer Evanston’s motto of “Be the Change.’ ”

City of Evanston Newsletter, May 2013